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What you should know when using third-party engagement tools within Brella

How do you integrate a third-party engagement tool within Brella?

You can integrate this tool by obtaining an embedded link from the admin panel of the third-party, and place it in the streaming tab (in Details) , sessions slot (in Schedule) or virtual booths (Sponsors) of your event in Brella.

Where do you monitor this third-party engagement tool?

This tool should be monitored in the admin panel of the third-party tool. You'll not be able to monitor a third-party tool in Brella.

Who monitors this third-party tool?

You can assign a special person who can take responsibility for this tool during the event or this tool could also be monitored directly by the speakers, panelists or moderators.

How will attendees and speakers engage with the third-party tool within Brella?

They will be able to engage with the tool within Brella, if it's integrated only.