How to make the most of Custom pages?

Custom pages allow you to add many different types of information. Here are a few tips on what you can add there.

The first thing to mention about Custom pages is the way they work. They work: 

  • either like a textbox with text, hyperlinks, pictures and other basic formatting
  • or like a direct website link, which will be opened as a browser window inside Brella.

This limits the selection of what you can use there to URLs, text, images, hyperlinks and basic formatting. Currently it is not possible to embed any code, or do anything outside of the functionality mentioned above. However, if you have a feature that you would like to see in Brella's Admin Panel, don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or reach us out at 

Below is a list with examples of what you can do with this functionality. 

Polling, Voting, Q&A, Sessions’ and Speakers’ Materials & Ratings

You can add polling software to Brella as well. You can add them as website links or as hyperlinks inside textboxes. For example, we highly recommend to use All you need to do is just add the publishable link to your survey. 

This is how it can work for your event:


Another software you could use is Glisser. Both of these allow for:

  1. Q&A
  2. Polling/voting
  3. Presentation materials sharing
  4. Taking notes
  5. Giving feedback
  6. Session rating
  7. Rating speakers and other features.

In addition, you can consider using Google Drive for materials sharing and/or Google Forms for voting, rating, Q&A. Remember to change the settings to do not ask for Google sign in from users. You can also ask for Google sign in and share some materials and/or polls for some specific users with specific Google accounts, if you wish to restrict the access. 

There are plenty of other software you could use, the 3 above are just some good examples.

Event info

You can add whatever event info you feel like. You can either add a link to your website, which, once clicked, will be opened inside the Brella app. Or you can also add event info as text. 

This is how the website link would look like: is how the event info as text would look like: (1)

You can add many different types of information. For example:

  1. Event description
  2. Event website link
  3. Social media links
  4. Location link
  5. Accommodation and catering information
  6. Wi-fi name and password, etc.


For the maps (floormap, venue map), you can try a few different approaches.

  • Add it as a screenshot in the textbox. It won’t be possible to zoom it in or open it in a separate page though. It will look like this: 

Image from iOS-6

  • Add it as website link. This way it will be possible to open it as a browser window inside Brella and it will be possible to zoom it in. It can work like this:

  • Add it as a website hyperlink in the textbox Custom page. This way it will be possible to open the map as a browser window outside of Brella by clicking on the hyperlink.
  • You can also use some 3rd party software for making interactive maps. You can later add them to the Custom page either as a website link (to open inside Brella) or as a hyperlink inside textbox (to open outside of Brella). Keep in mind though that everything has to be tested out first, different interactive maps may or may not work inside Brella. If they don't work inside Brella, they can be referenced by hyperlink and be opened in a browser window. A good suggestion of such a 3rd party software is Mapwize. It works well and is easy to use. 

Note that there is a different floormap you can add at the Details tab on Admin Panel (see more here). This floormap though should have the networking area indicated as it will only appear for attendees once scheduling a meeting - it will suggest attendees to check where the networking area is.

Important tip! In case you have a map as an image and you don't have it on some web page, and you want to allow your users to zoom it in, you can upload it to the "Brella cloud" and then use the URL from there. 

Here is what you can do:

  1. Upload the image to the custom page,
  2. Double-tap/right click/ctrl+click on the image,
  3. You will see the context menu, press β€œOpen image in new tab”,
  4. You will open the image in a separate tab where you can copy paste the URL there. 
  5. Add this URL as a website link to a Custom page. It will then be possible to open it as a browser window inside Brella and zoom it in/out.

Attendee lists

Attendees’ information can also be easily added to Brella. If you want to add a list of all attendees at your conference, you can do so by different means.

  • You can add it as a list to the Custom page’s textbox. Keep in mind though that if your list is too long, users would then have to scroll down a lot. So this option is better for shorter lists. 
  • If you have a file, you can add it to your cloud provider of choice and/or website and then add it as a website link Custom page. 
  • If your list is on another website, you can add that link to the Custom page.

Social media feed

You can add different social feeds as well. Keep in mind though that Custom pages don’t work like web pages where you can add pieces of code. Therefore, you can’t add Tweets or Timelines from Twitter, etc. 

As mentioned previously, Custom pages work: 

  • either like a textbox with hyperlinks, pictures and other basic formatting
  • or like a direct website link, which will be opened as a browser window inside Brella. 

Therefore, for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media, it’s best to add URLs which would lead to some specific place. For example, if you want attendees to go to a Twitter account where they can ask questions, you can add the URL to this twitter account. When pressing on the link, the users will have to sign in, then they will see the page. The sign in details will be saved so it will be possible to access the page quickly. Attendees can obviously log out of their social media accounts whenever they feel like.


What else can be added?

  • You can add FAQs or attendee guides from your website. You can add links to each specific question. It’s the easiest way to save your team valuable time.
  • Promote your next event for early birds.
  • Add Speakers Slides for those who use Brella, but cannot share the fun of being at the venue.

And many more. Imagination is your only limit! Feel free to try different options. Our Customer Success team is here to help.

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