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For Event Organizers

Learn how to create events, add matchmaking, manage your event details, and much more in the admin panel (
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For Attendees & Sponsors

Learn how to resolve your issue, navigate the platform and have a great event experience on and on the Android/IOS app
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What's new?

Check our latest feature releases and learn how to use them in Brella.
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Getting started with Brella

Learn how to create your first event at Brella. Your first schedule, speaker profile, stream, breakout room, meeting slots, etc. in the admin panel.
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Tips for Organizers

Learn how to make the most of each feature and find guidance on how to set your event successfully before the launch.
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Using Brella with other tools

Learn how to integrate and add other third-party tools to Brella.
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Brella Analytics

Learn and understand what analytics you can export from the admin panel.
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Resolving issues

Having a technical issue? Review our troubleshooting steps for a quick report check. These articles contain steps on how to find and solve the issue.
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Explore Brella

Learn more about the benefits of Brella and how to add smart networking to your event
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