Testing breakout rooms as a host

Check what kind of controls you will have as a host during a breakout session at Brella.

When testing breakout rooms, you will find out that you have great control features to host a unique session. This article will walk you through each feature that can be controlled by the host.

⭐ An attendee who joins the breakout room through Brella and outside Brella has different types of meeting controls.


Room settings

When you click on the lock or the controls icon (on the right), the settings window will open where you'll get to modify all the room settings. The room settings include Room settings, Video & Audio, General, and Advanced.

  • Room
    • If click on "Copy link", the attendee link will be copied to your clipboard and you can share it with attendees who will not be joining Brella. Participants who join with this link get more control access than participants joining the room from Brella.
    • The room size capacity is 50. This cannot be changed.
    • To lock the room, you need to toggle on the button at Unlocked room. View in detail how this works here.
    • The room will be open and close immediately at the time specified on the Admin Panel.

BOR - room settings-1

  • Video & AudioBOR . video & Audio

These video & audio settings will only apply to your device. Each participant will get to choose their video & audio preferences.

You can also access your video and audio settings from the room control (below) during the session.

  • GeneralBOR - general

This general setting will allow you to change the language of the breakout room and the emoji color theme.

The changes will be reflected on all participants' devices, however, participants joining outside Brella can also change their setting preferences too.'

  • AdvancedBOR - Advanced

The advanced settings allow you to set up the Pre-call review, if you enable this option, participants will get asked to allow browser cam and microphone before they join the call.

Another option you have is the Mobile mode which limits the stream resolution along with other resource consumption optimizations.


When you click on the digital clock, you'll get a Meeting timer which helps you keep track of the meeting duration. As soon as a participant joins the room, the time starts counting.

⚠️ Breakout rooms will last for the time determined given in the admin panel, and the room will close as soon it reaches its end without a warning. A good practice is to turn on the timer and keep track of the duration of the session.

BOR -Metting timer


Cam & Mic

  • Cam
    You can also access your video and audio settings from the room control (below). You can turn on the cam any time and also ask other attendees to turn their cameras on/off. 
    If you cannot see the stream, please visit the troubleshooting steps for BORs.

BOR - cam settings 

BOR - audio settings-1


Share screen and more

As a host, you can share multiple screens and handy tools to make your presentation more interactive. 

BOR - share screen +

  • Google Drive - If you want to share the screen with Google Drive, you have two options: 1) Add a sharing link and Brella will start sharing your screen immediately OR 2) you can log in to your personal drive and share the screen.

❗If you opt in to log in to your personal drive, ensure to set up your account before the meeting starts and that you have a special public folder that can be shared with everyone (not only your colleagues).

  • Miro Whiteboard - This option is great for workshops, brainstorming, and having illustrative explanations.  When using this tool, you will have two options 1) create a new wall as a guest and 2) sign-in to Miro and have full control of the board.

❗Only with a Miro account, you can save the board after the meeting.

  • Trello boards - You can share a Trello board by adding the sharing link. To be able to share the board, it has to be public.
  • Youtube - To share a video from Youtube, you need the sharing link and that's it! As soon as you play the video in Brella, it will be saved in your history and you can share anytime you click on Youtube.

A video where we show you how to use the sharing screen options πŸ‘‡

BOR - sharing screen, gdrive, etc.


Recording a breakout room

Before recording a session, ask for permission! You can record a session by following the steps on how to make a recording of a Breakout Room Session Step-by-Step and learn how you can share the Breakout Room recordings file in Brella post-event.

    BOR - recording


    Chat & People 

    • Chat - You can send emojis and moderate the chat by following up on questions.  Unfortunately, you cannot delete messages.
    • People - When you click on people, you'll see the list of participants and will get a clear idea of the options you have when interacting with them. As a host you put a participant in the spotlight, you can ask him/her to turn their mic & cam on/off, also share her/his screen and remove them if needed. 

    A video where we show you how to use the chat & room controls with participantsπŸ‘‡

    BOR - chat and people plus controls


    Last updated on February 2021. 

    Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


    If you didn’t find an answer to your questions, please contact the Support Team here.