Best practices for Brella breakout rooms (BOR)

Learn how to make the most of breakout rooms, find tips and examples on how to add these for your events.


    • It's encouraged to have a maximum of 3 moderators. (1 primary and 2 supporters). The first host entering the room will be the main moderator.
    • The breakout room capacity allows up to 100 participants in one room, and only 12 can have video and audio on. This number includes the moderator.
    • The way participants enable their cam/mics on and off works in a first-come, first-served method. If in a session, there are already 12 participants with video and audio on, but a moderator wants to give a participant the option to turn their cam/mic, the moderator will need to ask a participant with the enabled cam/mic to turn theirs to allow the other participant to talk/be seen by the rest of the audience.
    • When recording a session, the recording will be saved in your browser. To get the recording, you'll need to download it and then convert it to the needed format.
    • The room will open and close at the times specified in the Admin Panel without any warning. Please have someone 15 mins before the room opens and inform the group 5 mins the session ends.

BORs are exclusive rooms for different side-events sessions

BORs are exclusive rooms with a capacity of 100 people, including moderators. A room allows participants to join any time during the day or at specific times, which will give a great experience to those who come first. 

  • Speaker Q&ASpeaker follow-up/Q&A
    After every keynote session, you can now offer attendees an exclusive meeting with speakers to share a Q&A 15-min time to converse and share stories.
  • Helpdesk - Enable a room for Attendee support, which can be open for the entire day.
  • Sponsor lounge - Include a lounge room for sponsors to showcase their services/products or share knowledge about their industry as a side-event.
  • Workshops & thematic panels - You can offer first-come-first-served placements for workshops and seminars.
  • Coffee break room - Set a coffee break room meeting during the whole day or restricted/set time. You can also have the room locked, so participants will have to knock to enter the room.
  • Fun sessions - Yoga session, mobility session, special band, special performance, inspirational storytime, etc. The sky is the limit!
  • Hot topics/trends discussion

Set room rules to control camera and mic access

As the limit for the simultaneous camera and mic availability is limited to 12 people in a call, there can be a situation where there is confusion in the room about who has their camera and mic on. To avoid situations that might confuse the meeting, it is recommended that the host sets room rules at the beginning of the call. 

The rules can be very room-specific, and the need for room rules is definitely dependant on the number of people in the meeting and the meeting you are having.  You can also emphasize these rules to your room participants whether they are participating in the room in Brella or outside Brella with the attendee URL. 

Below some examples of rules that could be advised for the participants of the meeting. 

  • Everyone has their mics and cameras off during the call, so they can be accessed when necessary.
  • When an attendee wants their mic on, they can use emoji reactions to indicate their willingness to open their mic to the host. 
  • Chat of the breakout room can be used for questions and comments. 
  • It is recommended for the room moderator (host) to explain the rules at the beginning of the room, and if necessary, during the breakout room meeting.

Add a breakout room to your event Stream

You can add a BOR session to Streams; you can add the BOR Attendee URL and create a Stream from scratch.

For details on how to add a BOR to the Streams tab:

  1. Go to the admin panel > navigate to your event and select the Breakout Room tab.
  2. Copy the breakout room Attendee URL to your clipboard. (see step by step)
    1. Add the Attendee URL to the Streams tab by creating a new stream.

πŸ’‘The Attendee URL should be similar to*

The attendee's view ( will display like this:

Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 22.26.26-1

Hyperlink the breakout rooms on the Schedule and Sponsors tabs

If you want to direct participants to the BOR directly from a session in the schedule or sponsor's virtual booth, you can add the breakout room link to the Schedule or Sponsors tabs.

πŸ‘‰ Schedule - session description

Add URL to the session description when creating the event agenda.

  1. On the web app (, navigate to the Breakout rooms tab and click on the BOR you would like to add to the content slot.
  2. Then, go to the admin panel ( and navigate the Schedule tab and select the session you'd like to add the URL to.
  3. In the content field, add new text directing the participant to click to the breakout room. Hyperlink the text and add the URL in the Link URL field Example:(
  4. Save and test it. Refresh your browser, go to the web app and check if the hyperlink is working properly on the Schedule tab. Ask a colleague to double-check it with you.
  5. You're done. πŸ™Œ

BOR schedule description➑️ BOR - session description 2

πŸ‘‰ Sponsors - company description

Add the BOR link from Brella to the company description. Watch step by step how to do it.

The video below shows the steps explained in the Schedule - session description above.

BOR - add BOR link to sponsors tab


Embed a breakout room recording to Brella post-event

After recording your session in the breakout rooms, you will first save the session recording in your browser memory; then, you will need to download it to your desktop and convert it from webm to mp4 or other accepted video formats by your file storage software such as Youtube.

The sessions recorded through the breakout rooms can be embedded in Brella. For that, you'll need to:

  1. Go to the admin panel > navigate to your event and select the Breakout Room tab.
  2. Copy the breakout room Attendee URL to your clipboard. (see step by step)
    1. Add it as an on-demand video in the Streams tab by creating a new stream.
    2. Add it as an on-demand video in the Schedule tab as a content session.

For more information on this, visit how to record a breakout room session and share and embed recording files to Streams.

Lock the breakout room and control who joins in 

If you want to have more control of who joins the room because of exclusivity, invite-only, or privacy reasons, you can lock the room a few minutes before the room goes live. To do so,

  • Access the room with the Host URL during its availability, and click on the lock icon on the left side next to (1/100). Next, toggle on the button at the Locked room option.
  • Once the room has been locked, the moderator will receive a notification whether you allow to enter this person or not.

BOR - request to join BOR- request mobile


    • On the other hand, every time a participant wants to join a locked room, he will need to knock to join the session.

    BOR -knock

    ⏱️ Use the meeting timer to track a session duration

    When planning and testing the breakout rooms, Room Hosts can use a Meeting timer to track, how much time there is left until the Breakout room closes.

    ⚠️ Breakout rooms will last for the time determined given in the admin panel, and the room will close as soon it reaches its end without a warning.

    By using the meeting timer, you can control the duration of the meeting and more:

    • to access the Meeting timer, you need to click on the additional options icon in the top left corner.
    • you can guide the conversations and be sure that the room won’t shut down during the talk.
    • the rooms don't allow to show the timer by default, so the Room Host has to manually turn it on when he joins the room.
    • the timer will start counting once the first participant joins the room.

    BOR -Metting timer


    Last updated on May 2021. 

    Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela.


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