Hosting a breakout room in Brella

With breakout rooms, moderators will have privilege functionalities and a different invite URL to join the room only during the event dates given in the admin panel.

First things first, you can access the BoRs (Breakout rooms) from the admin panel. If you don't have access to the admin panel, please contact the event organizers directly to get the Host URL.

When you create the first BoR (Breakout rooms), you will find out that you have special rights to interact with participants and control the session settings. You can test this room before the event starts as the BORs are only active during the event dates given in the Event details.

A fantastic feature is to record breakout room sessions with a few steps, and it's essential to know how to save your recordings from the browser. Last but not least, we wanted to give you a head-up on the limitations these features have. So let's dive into what you can expect as a room host:

❗Attention event organizer,

  • If a host enters the room through the host room URL, you will only have host room privileges between the specified start and end date when creating the BOR. This is something to bear in mind when providing room links ahead of scheduled meetings.
  • Once a room reaches the end time, it will close immediately without any warning. If you're unsure whether the sessions will last longer than the time specified, please extend the duration and use the timer to track the timing of your sessions.


Host privileges

Any person who will enter the room through Brella's Host URL will have privileges that will enable them to have complete control of the room during the event.

We recommend having a host that belongs to the event organizer team and a session/room co-host to help during the session.

 πŸ” Additionally, it's recommended to have a maximum of 3 moderators (1 primary moderator and 2 supporters).

host view

As a host, you can:

πŸ‘‰control participant traffic and engage with participants, by

  • muting and asking participants to turn their cam/mic on/off,
  • removing participants, 
  • locking the room, and letting people in,
  • asking participants to share their screen,
  • giving the spotlight to any participant

πŸ‘‰Have complete control of the meeting settings such as

❗Host rights vary for special participants (speakers, sponsors, and guests) who join your event outside Brella. Read more on this: Breakout rooms view for participants.

Testing the breakout rooms

🚨Before you start testing:

  • Know that breakout rooms can be scheduled for any day and any time during the event start date - event end date (+ 24 hrs).
  • We recommend testing before you've created the schedule in Brella. However, if you already have created it, contact Customer Support, and we'll assist you.

To test a breakout room, you need to:

  1. First, go to the admin panel and navigate to Details.
  2. Change the event dates to the dates when you prefer to test the features.
  3. Set up a Breakout room in the Breakout rooms tab, invite your team, and run your tests.
  4. Once you're done, delete the test room, go back to the Details tab, and switch the event dates back to the actual event days.

Additionally, when testing, ensure understanding how the Attendee view differs when one attends the session through Brella and outside Brella.

 πŸŽ₯ Watch how the host privileges work in detail and how attendees will interact with this feature.

The host privileges only work during the Event start date - Event end date (+ 24 hrs).

Using Breakout Groups

When using the breakout rooms,  now you can create groups inside the breakout rooms and assign people during the event in a matter of minutes. 

 β—We recommend testing the feature before your event starts.

  1. How to start breakout groups?
  2. How to assign participants to groups?
  3. How to communicate with participants

Breakout room limitations

  • It's recommended to have a maximum of 3 moderators. (1 primary and 2 supporters).
  • The breakout room capacity allows up to 100 participants in one room, and only 12 can have video and audio on. This number includes the moderators.
  • The way participants enable their cam/mics on and off works in a first-come-first-served method. For example, if in a session, there are already 12 participants with video and audio on, but a moderator wants to give a participant the option to turn their cam/mic, the moderator will need to ask a participant with the enabled cam/mic to turn theirs to allow the other participant to talk/be seen by the rest of the audience.
  • When recording a session, the recording will be saved in your browser. To get the recording, you'll need to download it and then convert it to the needed format.
  • Once the room reaches the end, the room will close without any warning! So please be aware of that! One way to tackle that, you can use the timer in the room settings.
  • You cannot delete chat messages.
  • No attendee list export available yet.
  • No live streaming is possible, but you can share pre-recorded videos, share your screen as a host, share a youtube video, share a whiteboard (Miro). Details in this article.
  • No breakout analytics is available yet.

Last updated on June 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


If you didn’t find an answer to your questions, please contact the Support Team here.