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Test your stream set up

You can take a few steps before your event launch to ensure your stream works perfectly.

For the test, you need to have these 3 components:

  1. Have created a live stream set up - in the third-party software*.
  2. Great internet connection.
  3. A Brella event and a team to test together.

    What do you need to set up a live stream in Brella?

    (1) (Equipment + teleconferencing tool + video encoder/streaming destination 

         (2) Great internet connection!
         (3) Brella (add live stream embed URL to admin panel)


         (4) Audience

⚡Note: If you're using the Access Control feature. Remember that the live streams or pre-recorded videos will be available ONLY to the groups that have access to it.

Whether you have live streams, webinars, or a recording of streams in your event, it is imperative to test that everything works on your event before launching your event. Once you have added your streams to Brella, you can start testing how they work. 

➡️As your event front-end at next.brella.io is respondent to any changes you make, you'll see the changes instantly, and you can always track your progress from both the admin panel as well as on the event side

➡️ A good rule of thumb is to test that your stream setup works on your service provider's end. If the live stream looks good on the service provider's side, there should not be any issues in Brella either. 

To test your stream setup for your event on Brella:

  1. First, go to the admin panel, and navigate to the 'Streams' tab. 
  2. Check that the stream you have added is toggled as green.
  3. Next, navigate to your event at next.brella.io and go to the Streams tab.
  4. Check if your live stream or video is connected.
  5. If the stream is giving you an error, check the possible error with this article.

🔍 RTMP can be used only in third-party tools such as video encoder, streaming destination software, etc. It cannot be added to Brella.

Tips for testing your stream setup:

🌟Tip 1:
Create a test stream tab that you can hide from your attendees.

🌟Tip 2: 
You can set up all your streams for the event day, test them, and then hide the stream tab from your attendees completely or partially before the actual event date. We recommend keeping the stream tab available for your attendees from the launch date to avoid any confusion of where the live streams or sessions will be happening.

🌟Tip 3:
Before launching your event and your stream, also check if you have enabled the chat for the stream and added the possible sidebar integrations you want. 

Last updated on September 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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