Enable live chat for Stream

Increase attendee engagement by enabling a live chat in the Stream.

Live chat allows attendees to send messages and connect with other people through the stream tab. They can ask questions regarding topics presented, keynote highlights, and share their own ideas. Live chat is located on the right-side panel for your attendees. 

❓How do I manage chats?
Chats will be managed by all admins or event managers in Brella. They will be able to do it from their own Brella accounts. No need to go to the admin panel! Read more here.

🌟Tip: Assign a team to supervise that the chats are good, positive, and appropriate! 

To enable the live chat for your stream:

  1. Go to the Admin panel and go to 'Streams.'
  2. Choose the stream you want to enable the chat for.  If you have not added any streams yet, learn how to do it here.
  3. Select the grey button 'Enable Stream chat' to toggle live chat on
  4. Select Save changes. 


Your stream now has a live chat! You can find it from the Stream tab of your event. Attendees can comment and chat with each other during the stream and ask questions from Speakers (although there may be a delay from when the attendee asks a question and when they watch the speaker answering it).


πŸ‘‰Note:  If you find your attendees struggling with their chats being offline, you can direct them here as they might have to make some changes to their security firewall software. 

Last updated on March 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


If you didn’t find an answer to your questions, please contact the Support Team here.