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Sponsors: Invite Sponsors to Setup their Booth

Learn how to invite a sponsor to build their booth.

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As the event organizer, while you can set up the basics for a sponsor booth, it is the sponsor who will know best how to promote their company and services. Lets walk through the set up from the steps as the event organizer to assigning a admin to the booth from the Sponsors company to update all details and maintain the booth.

1. Create Company Profiles 

Before inviting sponsors to setup their booth, first step is to create the company profile which the event organizer needs to do.

  1. Navigate to the Admin panel - Sponsors tab.
  2. Create Categories. (These are the type of sponsorships that you will have at your event. e.g. Gold, Silver).
  3. Create sponsor profile by clicking on Create New
  4. Set up the basics: Company name, Category, whether this sponsor's booth has a chat and can access the booth traffic. 

Now you have successfully set up the sponsor booth.

2. Designate a Sponsor Admin

  1. Navigate to the Admins tab > Sponsor admins.
  2. Click on Add admin and fill in the respective categories:
    1. Email > add the representative email in charge of building the booth.
    2. Role > select Sponsor Admin.
    3. Events that the user can access > select the event you are working on.
    4. Sponsors > select the profile name you create for the sponsor.
  3. Once done, click Add.
  4. The company representative will automatically receive an email with steps to log in to the sponsor admin panel. 
👀  Email example:

3. Sponsor Admin Login At sponsor.brella.io.

Once they have received the email, representatives will simply click on the Access Booth button to build their booth.

To log in, they will follow the same join process when joining a regular event in Brella.

Sponsor admins can view booth analytics and edit booth information, carousel materials, and sidebar integrations depending on the sponsorship package.

4. Removing a Sponsor Admin From the Event

  1. Navigate to the admin panel - Admin tab - Sponsor admins.
  2. Select the representative name and click on Remove.
  3. This will remove his access to the booth.

💡 Note: In some instances where the Sponsor Admins use an email different from the one they are invited with, the sponsor admin panel will display both emails. In standard cases, only one email to which the users are invited and used will be shown.


Last updated - September 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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