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Sponsors: Create Sponsor Profiles

Learn how to create sponsor/partner profiles on Brella.

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  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel - Sponsors tab. You'll be prompted to activate the sponsors' functionality if not yet done.
  2. If the sponsor category is not yet set up: that needs to be set up at this point.  
  3. Navigate to sponsors tab - Create new on the top right corner of the Sponsors page.
  4. Update the Sponsor details.  
    1. Company Name - mandatory
    2. Subtitle - no longer than 75 letters - optional
    3. Industry - optional (not visible on the booth)
    4. Category - sponsorship categories created previously.❗
    5. Logo - upload image (200x200px - jpeg or png)
    6. Cover photo - upload image (1200x400px - jpeg or png)
    7. Data access - Yes or No (value) - this activates the option for sponsors to see their data on sponsor.brella.io - optional
    8. Enable chat - Yes or No (value) - this activates the option to have a chat on the virtual booth - optional
    9. Website - only URL - optional
    10. Facebook - only URL - optional
    11. Twitter -  only URL - optional
    12. Linkedin - only URL - optional
    13. Twitter - Twitter handle - optional
    14. Instagram - Instagram handle - optional
    15. Description - you can add images, hyperlinks, and limited text formatting options.
  5. Once you've added all the relevant information Click Save.

👉 Note: If you are experiencing issues with saving a new sponsor, check that your logo is within the correct image size, which can be max. 1000x650.

 Once you set up your sponsors, you can see how it looks in the actual event at next.brella.io. The changes will automatically reflect on the front end of the site to the attendees. 

Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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