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Customization: Welcome Screen

Learn how to customize the welcome screen to greet attendees to the virtual event page.

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The first impression is always the best. Brella strongly believes in providing our Event organizers with the platform required to set the best impression of their event through a customizable welcome page.  

Where to find on Admin Panel

  • Navigate to manager.brella.io
  • Click on the event 
  • Navigate to the Customization tab
  • Click on 'Welcome Screen'
  • Here you can set up the welcome screen to welcome your event attendees when they open the main event page.   

How to use (steps)

👋 Navigate to Admin Panel - Customization - Welcome page

👋 Update details in the interface as shown below

👉 Updates can be reviewed instantly from the Preview provided.

Well done on setting up your welcome page!

Best wishes for a successful event!

Last updated -July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago


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