Troubleshooting: Meetings and Chats Not Visible

Learn how to identify network restrictions, outdated browsers, or wrong account sign-in.

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If you cannot see your meetings or chats of a corresponding event, it might be due to multiple reasons.

Meetings - not visible

Account sign-in method

The user has two accounts with different sign-in methods

  • Please check if you have logged in before with a different email account, i.e., signing with your personal/work email using the Brella account.

⚑Note: If you can remember what sign-in method you've used to access the event. Please, reach out to your event organizer. Brella is not authorized to give such access information or modify the attendee's list due to our privacy policies.

  • Once you enter the event with the correct account, all of your meeting data is still stored in the 1-to-1 and open chats for you to continue using them.

    In case you don't need to have multiple accounts active in Brella, you can always delete the unnecessary account. Please note that your personal info and event data in the account being deleted will be erased and cannot be recovered ❗

    Chats - not visible

    Browser issues

    Brella works in all modern browsers. If you're using the platform and the chats don't work, show an error message like "Chat not available" or a grey page; it could be caused due to an outdated browser. 

    • Usually, your browser will send a notification through the Bookmarks bar or as a pop-up window when it's time to update.
    • In case you can't find the above, click on your browser settings and update to the latest version. We recommend:
    • Reload your page and you will be able to access the event.

    Last updated in March 2023

    Written by Yusra Mohideen


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