Solving the restrictions with Strong Firewall Security setups

If you encounter issues that you believe might be caused by firewall restrictions of your pc security setup, those can be fixed in a few steps by your IT administrator adding in your company’s allowlist, the ports needed for Brella to function.


If your company has enabled a system that prevents access to undesirable websites and protecting it from external threats, known as 'Firewall', but it is causing trouble with the Brella (mobile or web app). Below you'll find the necessary information to make some of the most common features work perfectly and get ready for your event.


When having issues with the chat and you see 'Chat is unavailable'. Strong Firewall protection set up on your pc or company's Network is what blocks unwanted chats/video calls, and Brella is recognized as such: Please ask your IT team to add these addresses to the allowlist:

Video Calls 

Peer-to-peer (P2P) connection is needed for Brella Video Calls. Strict Firewall rules can block all peer-to-peer traffic. If the video call has started but there is no audio or video, there are two steps you can go through:

    • Make sure you have given permission for the browser to access the webcam and mic. From the URL bar, you'll find a 'lock icon' > click on it and check you have enabled the mic & camera as shown in the example below: 

    • Allow peer-to-peer traffic to go through your firewall or use your device outside the work network

Note: Ask your IT team for more details about allowing Peer-to-Peer traffic.


Sometimes company network restrictions prevent our automated emails from coming through due to a Strong Firewall setup, as there are spammer denylists. Organizations enable this type of security to block emails if the sender matches with the list they have of unwanted domains. Please make sure your IT team whitelist our domain:

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