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Mobile App: How to Navigate the Event Schedule/Agenda

Learn how to navigate the event schedule/agenda on the Brella mobile app

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The event schedule has many features such as filters, bookmarks, settings etc. This article will explain how you can navigate yourself around the event schedule/agenda on the Brella mobile app. 

How to navigate

You can edit how you would want to view your event agenda based on your personal preference through the settings within the agenda tab on the mobile app. 

All the sessions and 1:1 meetings are assigned to a particular track on the event schedule. You can view the content through the 'Timeline' or 'Linear' view. By clicking the 'more info' option for each track, you can see details such as if the track is sponsored, highlighted speakers, and all the sessions which are listed under that track.

When clicked on a particular session card under 'track sessions', you can see all the details related to that session such as the date/time, location details, the featured speakers, sponsors etc. Visit here to learn more about schedule settings.

You can view all the networking slots available and your accepted, pending, or declined meeting requests in the track named 1:1 meetings. By clicking on each networking slot you can see more details if you already have a meeting or go ahead and suggest a new meeting. Visit here to learn how to network in detail.

Several filters made available will help you to customize your view by tracks, tags, location, slot type (content/networking), session type (regular/virtual oriented), speakers, keywords etc. Make sure you 'clear filters' to view the full schedule. Visit here to view the filters in detail.

You can double-click on the session card or open a session card and click on the bookmark flag to bookmark a session. All the sessions you bookmark will be filtered within the 'bookmarks' tab to make sure you do not miss any of your favorite sessions. Visit here to understand the bookmarks view.


Timeline view


Linear view

Listed below are a few settings which you can use:

  • Mode - You can choose your favorite layout for the event between 'Timeline' or 'Linear' view
  • Scale - You are able to scale in or scale out and view the agenda better. This can be done through settings for all Android devices and by 'pinch-zoom' for all iOS devices.
  • Density - Again another great way to decide how you want to view the details of each session card. There are options to select between 'compact' and 'detailed' depending on your preference.
  • Calendar sync - You are given the ability to sync your event calendar with your personal calendar to keep better track of the sessions and meetings scheduled. Click here to learn how to sync your calendar.
  • Your availability - In this setting, you can activate/de-activate the time slots you are available to network with fellow attendees. Click here to learn more about setting your availability.

Last updated - June 2023. 

Written by Nisansala Wijeratne. 


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