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Integrations: Brella <> Xtag Integration

Learn how to integrate Brella and Xtag (conference registration) for in-person and hybrid events.

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Intro the feature

Enable Brella <> Xtag integration to synchronize your event's registration between platforms. To enable this integration, you are required to turn on a few features on Brella and then you'll have access to the Xtag dashboard.
After the integration:
  • create personal Brella QR codes with invites on Brella and Xtag.
  • attendees can use their personal Brella QR codes to check in to the event by scanning them with Xtag software and/or hardware.

Requirements for Xtag integration

  • You should get access to Xtag integration after consulting your CSM or KAM. 
  • Ensure your event is in-person or hybrid.
  • Ensure your event is invite-only.

How to enable it on Brella


  • Go to the Integrations tab on the Admin Panel.
  • Enable the integration by toggling the button on.
  • After that, create invites on Brella.

How to access the Xtag dashboard from Bella?

  • To see how the invites look on Xtag, click on "Go to Xtag dashboard".

Note! To activate this integration, contact your point of contact (CSM or KAM). 


Last updated in August 2023. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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