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Event Onboarding: Invite-Only Event Setup

Learn what is an invite-only event and its advantages.

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    This functionality allows you to create unique join codes for each attendee on your registration list and deliver the invitation with the join code via email to all of your attendees through the Admin Panel. Additionally, it is the most secure way to give access to your event at Brella.

    Advantages of using the Invite-Only feature

    • Ability to generate a unique join code for each individual or group.
    • Set the number of times a participant can redeem a particular unique code.
    • Track if a specific unique code has been used or not, and by whome.
    • Delete invites individually or as a whole group.

    Click here to learn how to set up unique join codes

    ⭐ Tip: Invites are the best way to control the registration traffic in Brella for your event. If you have a strict attendee cap, use this registration method.


    Last updated - July 2023.

    Written by Rajinda Wijetunge. 

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