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Set up your event type on Brella

Sign in to manager.brella.io and choose your event from My events. From the Details tab, choose your even type and save your changes to continue the setup.

Go to manager.brella.io and log in with your Brella account. You will see the navigation menu on the left. From My events, choose the Brella event that you want to modify and move onwards to the Details section.

👉 Note: To create a new event, and receive admin rights, reach out to your dedicated CSM or contact our support team.

In the Details section, you can add and modify all basic event information. The required information is marked with a red star “*,” but we recommend filling out all fields. This will make it easier for you to use the Admin Panel later when you have multiple events in Brella. You can always come back and add more information later on. For full details on how to modify your event details, click here.

🔍 Note: The most important field is the join code. We recommend using an abbreviation of your event with the current year or then your event hashtag. The attendees will join your Brella event either by inputting the join code in the Brella app or by using a direct link that you will provide to them.


Event Settings

After filling out all of the basic details, choose the type of event you are setting up.

select event type and enable meeting slots

After selecting your type of event, decide whether your event will have meeting slots in the schedule. 

👉Enable meeting slots: This will allow your attendees to schedule meetings with each other during pre-determined time slots that you have specified in the schedule.

If this setting is disabled, the attendees will need to agree on a common meeting time through the Brella chat.

Fill out all the information you can, then press Save. Your virtual event's basic setup has now been done! You can update your event information later on from the Details tab. Now it's time to create some matchmaking categories and your virtual event's schedule.