Choose an Event Type > In-person, Virtual or Hybrid

The event type will modify the event settings slightly and will affect mainly Brella Meetings and Attendee Groups. Therefore, it's crucial to select the right type.

Setting up your event type is crucial to understand what tools you can use in Brella and provide you with the right information while building your event.

To select your event type 👇

  1. Go to and log in with your Brella account.  
    You will see the navigation menu on the left.
  2. Navigate to My events.
    Choose the event you are to build and click on the Details tab.
  3. Add your Event Title and choose the Event Type.
    When choosing the event type for your event, be aware of how some features change. The rest of the features work the same in the Admin Panel. 👍

    In the table below, you can see the affected features when opting in for a specific event type.
Event Type
Virtual In-person Hybrid

Attendees will meet through 1:1 meetings through a video call.

Attendees will get to meet at the venue at the Tables in the Networking Area.
(If enabled)
Attendees will meet through 1:1 meetings through a video call and/or at the venue (Networking Area).
not released yet*
Attendees and Sponsors have 1 group by default. (Details here). Attendees and Sponsors have 1 group by default. (Details here). Attendees and Sponsors will have 6 default groups. (Details here).

          * See how Groups are adjusted when changing the event type HERE.

🚨 If you're an Organization Admin, you can change it on the Details tab. Your event settings will change based on the event type you selected.

4.   Once you are done, then press Save.

Your event's type setup has now been done! You can update your event information later on from the Details tab.

After selecting the event type you are hosting, learn how each event setting functions in Brella:

        👍 You can always come back and add more information later on. For full details on how to modify your event details, click here.

        Last updated in July 2021. 

        Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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