Schedule: Creating a content slot

Add your event agenda by creating content slots. A content slot can be a session, keynote, workshop, etc.

You can add two types of schedule slots in Brella, meeting slots and content slots. In this article, you will learn how to create a content slot and how it looks in the event.

πŸ’‘ When creating the schedule, the changes will be automatically made to the event at This way you can shape the agenda look and content to your like.

How to create a content slot πŸ‘‡

  1. Go to the Admin Panel (
  2. Go to the 'Schedule'- tab and click "+New content slot" on the top right corner.
  3. Start adding the details for the content slot: 
    • Title - the title of the session.
    • Subtitle - add additional information, like the speaker's name and title, registration, or sponsorship information. The subtitle is only seen in the overall schedule view, not the detailed view.
    • Stream link: Click here for instructions on adding virtual content to Brella.
    • Start Time. Choose the start time of the session and add the duration OR the end time. What works best for you.
    • Highlight this session once the event has ended. With this tag, you can position the sessions in the order wanted on the home screen once the event is over. Go here for details.
    • Locations - essential for large or multitrack agendas. These help orient your attendees and ensure they know where their sessions are.
    • Tags - these help attendees filter for content relevant to them. Having detailed tags help attendees navigate your event with ease.

      ❗Note: The content order shown in the attendee view when having multiple sessions is sorted out alphabetically by the first tag of each session; if such, have the same start time.
    • Speakers - a great addition to your sessions. You can first input all the speakers and then link them to their sessions. They will be displayed under the session title. You can link speakers to sessions by selecting names from the left box to the right box. You can learn how to add speakers on Admin Panel here. All the speakers from the right box will be displayed in Brella's app (mobile and web version).
    • Content - add the session description, speaker bios, photos (max size for a picture is 5 MB), links to your event website, sponsor information, etc. You can also do basic formatting here.

🚨 Note: Such links/hyperlinks must follow the below structure:

- https:// + website, i.e.,
- No long links, i.e.,
If you would like to shorten links, you can use free tools such as
          4. Once you're done, select Save & Create new (content) slot to continue creating slots, or Save       & Create to return to the schedule overview.


          Once you built your first content slot, you can see how it looks in the actual event at The changes you make to this content slot will be automatically reflecting on the front-end site.

          2. A content slot will look like the image below on the Schedule page πŸ‘‡

          ❗Simultaneous sessions are sorted out alphabetically by their first tag.


          3. Also, when you click on the session, you will see this: 

          content slot view

          Last updated on July 2021. 

          Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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