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Send event announcements to your attendees

Send push notifications to your attendees in Brella from the Communications tab: Announcements.

    Event announcements are push notifications that you can send to all attendees registered in your event.

    Announcements can easily reach people that have allowed notifications from Brella on their device. If Brella notifications are disabled on attendees' devices, then a notifications message to enable/disable notifications will only be seen when opening the Brella App. These notifications can only be received by the user if their device is connected to the Internet.

    You can send announcements instantly, or schedule them for a specific time.

    What can be added to announcements

    Here's a list of what you can include in your push notifications to attendees:

    • A title (max. 45 characters)
    • Text content 
    • Emojis
    • One URL (unclickable)

    Tip: Make sure to double-check your grammar and spelling before sending it.

    Scheduling announcements

    To send a scheduled announcement:

    1. Write the title of your announcement

    2.  For type, choose 'Scheduled',

    3. Select the time you want it to send at.

    4. Add the content of the announcement 

    5. Press 'Save'. Now your announcement is scheduled. You can edit your announcements at any time before they are sent out. 


    Sending an announcement immediately

    To send an announcement immediately: 

    1. Write the title of your announcement

    2.  For type, choose 'Immediate',

    3. Add the content of the announcement 

    4. Press 'Send now'.  Your announcement will be sent right away. 

    Caution:  At the moment, we do not recommend sending any immediate announcements. Instead, we recommend scheduling these announcements to leave in 2 minutes.



    Announcement visibility

    After sending an announcement, you can see how many of your attendees have clicked it in the top corner of the announcement. 


    You can also see how your announcements will look like once you send them here.