How do attendees and representatives get linked to Sponsors?

Link as many representatives to your sponsors as you need, either automatically or manually.

Attendees can get linked to their sponsors and thus be present in the Sponsor's tab as shown in the screenshot below. By pressing on a sponsor in the Sponsor's tab, users can see all attendees representing this specific sponsor at a conference.

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 15.04.35

Attendees can be linked to your sponsors in 2 ways - automatically or manually.

Automatic linking will happen only if attendees provide a company in their profiles which exactly matches a company name in the sponsor virtual booths of the event.

For example, if the sponsor is called Brella and the attendee puts their company as Brella Ltd, the linking will happen automatically.

However, if the sponsor is called Brella Ltd, but the attendee puts their company name as Brella, the linking won't happen automatically. 

Attendees can also get linked automatically to another sponsor by changing their company name during the event. Once they change their company name, they won't be unlinked from the previous sponsor. Therefore, they can be linked to multiple companies.

Manual linking is done through the Admin Panel. By going to the Sponsors tab, you can link or unlink representatives of a certain sponsor.

To do so, press on a sponsor name and go to the "Representatives" section. There you can link attendees by pressing "Add representatives" and selecting the representatives, or you can also unlink them by pressing "Remove" next to a certain representative.

You can add as many representatives to as many sponsors as you wish.

sponsor represetnatives