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Web App: Join an Event Through an Email Invite

Learn how to join an event on next.brella.io through an email invite shared by the event organizer.

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Being able to receive an invite and join the event on time is important. The event organizers will send you an invitation to the event a few days before the event kicks off. There are various ways in which this invite can be claimed so that you can join the event without any hiccups. 

Join the event through the 'Join link' on the email

You will receive an event invitation in your email, go to your email inbox and open the invitation email from Brella. 

Pro Tip: Check the inbox of the same email address you registered to the event with or the address you entered when buying the ticket for the event. Also, please make sure to check your spam/junk email folders.

The invitation you receive will have a join code as well as a join link. You can use one of them to join the event on Brella. Click on the 'JOIN THE EVENT' button or the join link you received from the organizers found in the event registration email.

Invite email example:

  • If you are using your laptop/desktop, go to next.brella.io and create a Brella account if you don't have one yet, OR click on the join link in your email and follow the steps in the platform.
  • After signing in with either the mobile or web app, you will be prompted to continue creating an event profile. Once you're done, you can start exploring the event.

Join the event using the 'Join code' on the email

You can also copy the join code available on the invite email and join the event on next.brella.io. Go to next.brella.io and create a Brella account if you don't have one yet. Then you will see the following screen if you do not have any invites already sent to your Brella account. 

Click on the 'Join new event' button to the following option to enter the join code.

Copy and paste the join code from your invite email or simply type it manually in the space given and click on the 'Join new event' button. Then you will be directed to create your event profile and start exploring the event.

💡The join code is NOT case-sensitive. Ensure that there are no additional spaces added before or after the join code.

Last updated - January 2024. 

Written by Nisansala Wijeratne. 


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