Chat and 1:1 meeting issues

Troubleshooting steps for Chats

If you get a message that the 'chat is offline or unavailable' on your pc/laptop, some firewall setups might be the main reason that does not allow its use.

Usually, when the Brella chat does not work on your pc/laptop this is connected to your company's security firewall which is blocking unwanted chats/links, and Brella's chat is recognized as such, unfortunately.
👉 To fix this issue, follow the below workarounds: 
  • Use another device that is personal such as another computer, tablet/iPad, etc.
  • Try a different network/Wi-Fi such as your mobile hotspot, use it as a Wi-Fi source for your pc/laptop and input the corresponding password 


  • Security firewalls might be protecting your work computer against using other video calls/chats than they are allowed. If you are having issues with the chat and you see 'Chat is unavailable', please ask your company's IT team to add these addresses to the allowlist:

                      - wss://* and
                      - https://*

    ⚡Note: If these workarounds don't successfully work, please contact us here: Contact us and include as many details as possible of your issue.


    Last updated on February 2021. 

    Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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