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Event Details: Update Main Event Details

Learn how to update the main event details on the admin panel

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At Brella, we understand how important it is to promote your event with the correct details. Brella provides a user-friendly interface to update this information as required. This article will walk you through how to set up the main event details under the "Details" tab of the admin panel. 

Update basic info

This section in the 'Main details' sub-tab gives you the option to update the basic event details such as,

  • Event name 
  • Event start date 
  • Duration - (The maximum time of an event in Brella is 14 days)
    This determines the event end date shown to attendees and is used to configure your schedule and networking slots. You can change this setting up to 2 days before the current end date.
    Note: Once the event ends, new attendees will not be able to join the platform. Registered attendees will retain access.
  • Time zone - It is vital to choose the correct time zone for the event. It determines the event schedule, meetings scheduled by attendees, notifications, and emails. The timezones automatically adjust to Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time. 
  • Industry 

Select event type

The Brella app supports not only in-person and virtual events, but it is also made to support hybrid events where attendees have the option of joining online and/or in person. Setting up your event type is a crucial step when hosting your event in Brella. The event type will affect critical features such as groups, networking, and your communication plan.

Choose the type of event you are setting up by selecting Virtual, In-person, or Hybrid under Event type in the Main details sub-tab.

If clicked Hybrid you will be given the option to Display attendance type. When enabled, attendance tags will be displayed on all attendee profiles - Learn more about Attendance tags here.

Set visibility

Privacy and security are key features of the Brella event app. Taking this into consideration we have enabled a secure yet easy method to invite and provide access to your selected list of event attendees. 

  • If you set the visibility as 'Public event', the join link is common for all. You can view the public join URL on the 'Home' tab of your event.
  • For 'Invite-only' events, the join link is unique to each individual for added security. These unique join codes and links can be seen in the People tab -> Invites section. Visit this article to learn more about Invite-only event setup.
  • URL Slug - At this point, you have the option to create your unique event URL slug. All the invited attendees can use this link to visit your event.

Add location details

In this section of the 'Main details' sub-tab, you can set up the location details of your event. You have the option to add the country, region, and city where the event will take place.

After every update, make sure to click on the 'Save changes' button at the end of the page.


Last updated - May 2024. 

Written by Nisansala Wijeratne. 


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