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Event Onboarding: Event Invite Distribution

Learn how organizers can distribute invitation emails of the event to the event attendees.

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It is important to notify the attendees in a timely manner to join the events. The invitations can be sent via email through Brella admin panel or if needed, the Event organizer can use their own CRM tool.

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For public events using the Open Join Link, you can use your own CRM.

  • Sending Invitation Emails Through Your Own CRM

For private events using the Invite-only feature, you can choose to send invitations from your CRM or through the Admin Panel.

  • Sending Invitation Emails Through The Brella Admin Panel

  • Sending Invitation Emails Through Your Own CRM

How to send Invitations

Let's see the steps how to send invitations to the participants based on the options the Event organizer selects.

Send invitation emails through the Brella Admin Panel

After creating unique join codes for each participant on the admin panel, you can distribute the invitations through Brella.

  1. Select multiple invites and click on the "Send emails" option in the selection bar next to the "Delete" option to send emails to specific registrants.
  2. A new window will open, click Send.

👉 Click here to learn the detailed steps on how you can send Invitation emails in bulk to all the attendees through the admin panel

Send Invitation Emails Through Your Own CRM

To distribute the invites with the attendees' unique join codes through your email marketing software,

  1. Draft your invite email communication to your attendees in your emailing software.

    💡Tip: Draft your email communication so that it is easy for the attendees how to join the

    One great way to do this is to include the join link as a hyperlink in the email. This way, by clicking the link on the email, they can enter the platform. 

  2. Export the list of invites from the Brella admin panel,

  3. Include the unique invites field for each attendee's invitation.

  4. Edit the file to match your email marketing software format, and upload it to send out the emails. You can choose if you would like to share only the join code or the link, or both.
    Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 12.27.11 PM

  5. The email can be sent out once you have tested it out.

💡 Example

Mailchimp allows you to use the merge tags (i.e., tagging a column in a certain way to export the data from, e.g., unique join code and email columns and send the emails to your attendees with the corresponding unique join codes; read more here).

If you are using another provider, we suggest contacting their support team for further assistance.


Last updated - July 2023

Written by Yusra Mohideen 

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