Chatting during the event

If you want to send a message in the live chat on Brella, and wonder how it will look for both you and fellow attendees, there are two views to keep in mind.

Live chats in Brella events are a way for you as an attendee to communicate with other attendees, speakers, sponsors, or the event organizer. 

At events on Brella, you can find live chats in the Schedule sessions, Stream tab, or in the virtual booths. 

The live chats are always located on the right side of the screen. You can share comments, greetings, questions, or feedback in this view.

⚑️Note: Remember that all the messages you share in the live chats are visible to all other attendees. If you wish to send a private message to someone in the event, send them a meeting request

How the live chats look in the event: 

πŸ‘‰As a 'Sender' you will see the following picture:


πŸ‘‰And your fellow attendees or you as a 'Receiver' will see the next image:



🌟Tip: Click on a 'Sender' profile and Brella will open you his/her profile from where you would be able to suggest a meeting.

Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


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