API: Create an Open API - Use your schedule data from Brella

Using the Brella Open API allows you to get your schedule timeslots from Brella easily.

If you want to use your schedule in Brella and add your own branding and styling, you can design the schedule your own way with the help of our API. Our documentation is located here

The API will give you the timeslots with titles, subtitles, locations, tags, contents (including formatting and images). 

❗Note: The API allows you to get data from Brella, but it doesn't provide you with customization or any other functionality. This has to be done by your development team. If you want to use the ready-made schedule on your website, you can use our widget (read more about it here). 

You can use the Open API to create your own custom schedule on your website that suits your event best. Add tabs or search functionality, customize filters, colors, fonts, and more by using the API.


Last updated in March 2021. 

Written by Wendy RendΓ³n



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