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Troubleshooting: “Phantom” Notifications on Mobile App

Learn how to delete the issues of "phantom" notifications on the mobile app

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Phantom notifications are something similar to seeing notifications that alert you of having a new message or an existing message that has not been read.

To resolve this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Restart your session on the app. Log out and log in back.
  2. Clear your mobile app cache:

    1. When on the app, click on the More tab in the bottom right corner.
    2. Click Edit your profile below your photo, name, company, and title.
    3. Click on the bar marked Edit account information.
    4. Click “...” in the top right corner and select Clear app cache.
    5. Delete the app and reinstall it.


3.  If the issue persists, please reset try to reset it on the App from your phone settings.
    1. Your phone Settings
    2. Navigate to Notifications
    3. Select Brella
    4. Then, enable the Notifications button and turn off the Badge button.
    5. Then, check Brella, you shouldn't see any notifications anymore.
    6. Turn it on back again so you keep receiving notifications from Brella for future events.


Last updated in July 2023

Written by Yusra Mohideen

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