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Web App: Use of Filters in the Schedule

Learn how to use the filters available in the schedule tab on the Brella web app

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There are a set of filters made available to you in the Brella web app, schedule/agenda tab. These filters will allow you to search for the exact sessions you are looking for based on your preferences/likings between a few selected categories. This article explains how you can use these filters effectively.

Filters available

You can view the filters by clicking on the filter icon available in the top right corner of the schedule/agenda tab.

The available filters are as follows:

Click on this article to view how you can manage the bookmarks feature within the filters tab.

You can select your preferences from the dropdowns or tick boxes given and click on 'Apply'. Then you will be redirected to the schedule where only your selected filters will be shown. A count will be shown near the filter icon to show you that you have selected that many filters.

If you require to see the complete schedule again without any filters, make sure you go back to the filters section, and click on 'Clear filters'


Last updated - June 2023. 

Written by Nisansala Wijeratne. 


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