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Learn how to view essential metrics per stream sessions in Brella

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Brella supports extensive viewing data for each stream individually. You can use this data to access the engagement of your content and plan the next event sessions more productively.

Streams Activity Graph

stream analytics brella

Through this graph, view the traction the event content received during and post-event. On the Analytics tab, you can see attendees' visits and duration at specific times and dates.

To check the traffic in detail:
  1. Navigate to Content > Streams > Analytics > Stream Activity.
  2. Click on the arrow under Stream - select the stream title, and on the right side, under Showing for - select a time and date.

  3. Next, you'll see two metrics: Total Views (purple line) and Unique Visitor views (green bars) for the selected period. 

    Hovering over the chart will open a pop-up with the total views and unique views for a particular day/hour from both web and mobile apps. 
    • Total views: the total number of visits to the streams tab
    • Unique views: the total number of unique visitors to a stream 

      stream analytics brella
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Stream Essential Metrics

Additional demographic data to help you understand the Stream's traffic insights from both web and mobile apps.

  • Total unique viewers
  • Average watch time
  • Viewer's top selected interest
  • Viewer's top selected intent

*📷 Save (.png) button create a screenshot of this graph that you can use to share with others.


Stream Visitors Information

Further down, view the list of the viewers who spent the most time on a particular stream from both web and mobile apps. This list can be exported as CSV. This will help organizers identify attendees who gravitate toward a specific stream/topic.

This information can also be helpful to sponsors who might be interested in targeting some of these leads.

To learn how to read and understand the visitor's stream information, we have created two different articles.

Go to:


  • Real-time data is not available (without refreshing).
  • Most popular sessions (i.e., a single screen with a comparison) are not available.

Last updated - July 2023

Written by Yusra Mohideen 

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