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Streams: Setup Live Stream with Evmux

Learn how you setup your live streams through Evmux.

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Learning how to setup and record your live streams through Evmux can be a valuable asset to your events in Brella, as it allows you more flexibility with your content. 

How to Set up and Record Live Streams

  • Navigate to the admin panel - 'Streams' tab 
  • Click on 'Create new'
    • Add the Stream title 
    • For Stream Type, choose 'In-built Studio'
    • Click 'Save'
You will now see the Stream you created on the Streams tab list 
  • Click on the Stream
  • Click on 'View backstage studio' and you will be re-directed to Evmux
  • Once at your studio, click on Go Live and toggle on the 'Record' button 
  • You'll see a few indications that your live stream is recording 

    Once you end your broadcast or your stream has finished, the recording of your stream will be saved automatically, where you'll be able to find them under 'Sessions'. Read below! 

Where to Find Live Stream Recordings

Once connected, you can access your Evmux console through manager.brella.io On your Stream tab, select an Evmux stream you've recorded and click on 'Access Recordings'.

Then, select the recording

From there, you have the option to delete or download your recordings as an MP4.

For more videos and tutorials on how to make the most out of Evmux, check out this video from their YouTube Channel! 

💡Note: Learn more about uploading recordings onto the Schedule and Home Page here

Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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