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Communications: Create and Organize Stories

Learn how to create Stories for the event

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Stories is a concept originating from the app that almost everyone in today's world use - Instagram. Learn how to create as engaging and easy to use method of communicating to your attendees - either by providing them the event related and/or sponsored content.

How to set up Stories (Steps) 

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel (manager.brella.io)
  2. Click on the Storylines tab within 'Communications' in the left menu.
  3. Click on the 'Create storyline' button.
  4. Add a title and the image for your storyline (recommended parameters for the image are Recommended ratio 1:1 (200x200px), JPEG and PNG formats are preferred). Storyline is a collection of stories - like in Instagram stories being published by the same person/account. You can also decide whether this storyline should be visible to all groups or only specific ones. You can also make a story sponsored, which will make anyone who clicks on the "story publisher" go to the booth (see below). 
  5. Once done, you can create stories within the storyline.
  6. You can create either text or image based stories. To every story you can also add a link and name the hyperlink button accordingly. Pressing on the button will open the in-app browser for the app users.
    1. You can name any story, but note that only the text based stories will show the title of the story on the attendees apps. Text based stories also allow to add a body of text with max 600 characters.
    2. For the image based stories We can add the title, but that title will only be visible on the Brella Admin Panel as the title is not necessary on the apps for the image based stories. You can then upload an image (the recommended ratio is 9:16 (1080x1920px) with JPEG and PNG as preferred formats).
  7. You can archive/unarchive stories and storylines. You can always edit the storyline and the story. However currently it's not possible to rearrange stories within the storyline. You can archive/unarchive the stories and create them in the order you want to appear for the app users. You can however rearrange the storylines. At this point, we don't provide any analytics regarding who saw the stories, but this is something we have in the plans. 
  8. Also note that the first storyline on your apps is always the announcements. Read more about the announcements: click here.

Now that you have successfully created stories, you can see how it appears to attendees by viewing the event through your mobile app. Feel free to create as many stories as you require to include all details in one place for the event attendees.

Note that stories are only a mobile apps feature. 

How end result looks



Best practices of creating stories

Let's look at some best practices of how you can be creative with your stories and for your audience to get the most out of it.

Last updated - February 2023. 

Written by Nikita Salnikov. 

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