Sponsors: Display Share of Sponsor Ads

Learn how to set the display share of sponsor ads

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When creating sponsor ads, you will be prompted to choose the specific ad's display share. You might wonder what this means and how the percentage of the display share is reflected in the event. This article will explain the display share via an example to hopefully help clarify the concept for you.

How to edit the display share (Steps)


Display on the People's Page

Display share determines how often attendees see the sponsor ads. As an example, the headline sponsor, Google Cloud Platform, is set to 75% display share, and supporting sponsor Brella is set to 25% share. 

All attendees will see the Google Cloud Platform ad in the spot 75% of the time that they see that spot. So if they reload the page, they should see it 3 out of 4 times.

This is a direct conversion, so there is no formula. The ad in the above example is displayed 75% of the time for any given user in any given browser or device session. The other ad has only a 25% chance of being shown.

The ad is refreshed whenever the participant opens the app or refreshes the page based on the display share.  

🔍 Note: The maximum number of sponsor ads you can add within Brella is 100, so if you add 100 sponsor ads, each will get a 1% probability to be displayed.

Display on the Event Home Page

Similarly, you will see all your sponsor ads displayed on the home page of the event. The display works differently from the people's page.

If the sponsor's ads have the same display share allocation, then the order on the event home page will be random.

Sponsor sds

It also undergoes the general principle of "who has the highest share is the first." However, within the group of sponsors with the same display share, it'd be a random allocation in which one of them will be the first.

If you wish to set a permanent display order, you can change the display share per ad by 1% based on your priority order. 


Last updated - July 2023. 

Written by Purnima Jayasuriya. 


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