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Find solutions for virtual booth’s material errors

Learn why some links don't show on your event or virtual booth in Brella and what the alternatives are.

When adding any materials to the virtual booth, ensure to copy the correct embedded link and then input it to the admin panel. πŸ™‚ 

For that, you need to have in mind two requirements. Otherwise, these items will not show, which might be why you get an error page.

You only need to add the embedded URL/link to Brella.

So, if you are embedding a:

  • Image; you need to upload this image to a file storage software such as Google Drive. 
  • PDF; you need to upload this image/document to a file storage software such as Google Drive.
  • Presentations; you need to upload this image to a file storage software such as Google Drive.
  • Surveys; you need to get the embed link from the software’s settings or copy only the URL. Highly recommended to follow the third-party's help center instructions on embedding an item on another platform.

πŸ’‘ Do not try to embed a home page/website of a company in the carousel. Usually, companies have restricted embedding their website for security reasons. The carousel is not designed to handle websites in the first place, it's designed to show videos, presentations, and images. 

Examples of how to resolve the erroneous embedded content

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 15.47.15Example 1

  • When you add a file to the virtual booth or stream/session URL category and see this image πŸ‘‰, it means that the original file is still in private mode. You need to check the document's share setting and switch to Share Publicly or Anyone with the link.


Solution: ask the owner of this file to share it with you as 'anyone with the link can view' If the s/he cannot do so, it's highly suggested to share this document in the 'Company details' of the virtual booth as an alternative.

⚑ If you are using GDrive to share your documents, this is how the sharing rights should look to be embedded and shown correctly in Brella:

Example 2 

  • When you add a webpage to the virtual booth carousel, sidebar, or stream/session URL category, and you see this image πŸ‘‰, it means that the site is not iFrame friendly or the owner of this website disabled the embedding option to avoid having this content in unwanted places. 

Solution: in this case, place the URL as a hyperlink in the description of the virtual booth, session, etc., using the text bar.


πŸ’‘ Tip: If you need to embed a document or page, you can use iframely to check if it's possible to extract the code's necessary embedded link.

Last updated in February 2021. 

Written by Wendy RendΓ³n



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