4. Networking At Brella

What's the Hosted-Buyer program?

As an event organizer, you can arrange meetings between sponsors-attendees, attendees-speakers, and sponsors-speakers on Brella. We show you how to do it in 5 quick steps.

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What's a Hosted-buyer program?

Hosted Buyer Program is a model for events to guarantee attendees (VIPs, Sponsors, or attendees) pre-qualified, relevant meetings. 

It usually involves a β€˜white-glove concierge treatment to the attendees that opt into the program, where the event organizer will help facilitate meetings on their behalf.

πŸ” Tip: If you are thinking of using this functionality, it's important to inform participants that you'll be arranging purposeful 1:1 meetings according to their categories, interests, and intents selections from the registration process. 

How to arrange a meeting between two participants at your event



  1. Go to the admin panel (manager.brella.io).
  2. Click on People.
  3. Select Attendees and select the attendee you wish to facilitate the meeting for. Once you have the profile open, check the '"Show empty networking slots" box. You'll see the networking availability the attendee has set for herself.
  4. After that, you can click on a time slot and search for the person you'd like to set up the meeting with. Then you'll be asked whether you want to confirm this meeting or not.
  5. If you are sure, click "Confirm Meeting," the meeting will be scheduled and, therefore, will automatically get accepted.

Both attendees will receive a confirmation email where the participants will be notified that the organizers have set up this meeting. The attendees can review, decline, or reschedule the meeting accordingly.

❗Attendees who opted out of networking will not be considered in the attendee's list when arranging meetings on their behalf.

An example of the email:





Last updated on November 2023.

Written by Rajinda Wijetunge.

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