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Learn how to read data of the event participants engagement

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In Brella we are dedicated to providing you with vital insights at all stages of the event. Let us walk you through the section dedicated to an overview of all attendees' engagement within the event.  


How to read the data 

  • Navigate to the Admin Panel - Event - Home

    Engagement Overview is the second box shown on the main page.

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  • Total engagement: the sum of all meetings, all 1:1 chat messages, and open chat requests that haven't been replaced with or converted to meetings.
  • Meeting acceptance rate: meeting requests that were sent after having an open chat conversation. Additionally, it's the division between total accepted meetings and total meetings.
    • Direct meeting request acceptance rate is the meeting requests sent directly from an attendee profile.
    • Meeting acceptance rate after open chat: meeting requests that were sent after having an open chat conversation. (*Available only if enabled.)
  • Open chat reply rate: the division of chat requests divided by answered chats. (*Available only if enabled.)
  • Total 1:1 chat messages: the sum of messages exchanged by all participants during the event.

👉 To understand in detail how many meetings or chats were accepted, rescheduled, or canceled at the event, click here.


Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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