During the event: Do not delete any meeting slot or matchmaking categories

We highly recommend you do not delete anything after you have launched your Brella event to the audience.

👉 Caution! Consult your CSM or support@brella.io before deleting any meeting or matchmaking category after launch.

After the launch of your event in Brella, we suggest not deleting anything from the Admin Panel (manager.brella.io), especially the meeting slots and matchmaking categories. This will cause a major disruption for your attendees and your event analytics:

  • Deleted meetings will affect participants' networking status.
When you delete one meeting slot from the admin panel, they will lose all their pending and booked meetings for that specific slot (meeting slot).

⚡ Note: When a meeting is deleted, Brella will NOT send any notification about these changes.

  • Deleting matchmaking categories will affect participants' profiles.

Their profiles will be changed from their initial setup to an empty one (no matchmaking selection). Consequently, they'll not be matched efficiently with other prospective clients, future business partners, and attendees.

Last updated on March 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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