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Attendees & Groups: Create Custom Groups

Learn how to create custom groups to match your event audience and event format.

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How to create Groups:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel - People tab
  2. Click on Groups - Add Group
  3. A new window will open. to fill in a Group name and the Attendance type depending on your event format.
    1. For a Hybrid event, you will have to select a Group name and Attendance Type: Virtual, In-person, or Hybrid.
    2. For In-person and Virtual events. You only need to choose a Group name.

☝️ After creating a Group, it will be assigned a Group ID which is the key to adding or removing a set of rules for this specific Group. For example, if the group "One-day Access Attendees" is NOT allowed to watch Stream Workshops, you can control their access by removing the Group ID  from the Stream tab. See detailed steps here.

👍 Learn more about Groups, visit this article.

Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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