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Schedule & Widget: Edit/Update Schedule Through a .CSV File

Learn how to add, update or delete content and networking slots in the agenda.

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Brella offers you an option to update multiple fields at once through the import/export of a CSV file re-upload rather than editing the schedule slot by slot.  A few conditions apply based on whether the event is yet to start or already commenced. 

Import edited schedule before launching.

  • Navigate to the admin panel - schedule - settings
  • Click on "Export .csv" to receive the file to the registered email
  • Make the necessary updates in the spreadsheet: and import it back to the event. At this point, it is always advisable to copy the exported CSV file content to a Google sheet, make the necessary changes and then download the file as a CSV rather than editing the exported CSV directly. 

❗Do not remove the ID and the track ID column when editing your schedule. The ID and track ID column contains the code of the existing content and time slots of your event in the admin panel.


If you want to add new content or time slots, you can add them, leaving the ID column empty. Find the instructions here.


❗You will not be able to add overlapping sessions for a specific time slot on the same track. Only one slot can be created for any given time period in one track, and a warning will be shown if the timings are overlapping. If you have two sessions at the same time, it is advised to add them in two separate tracks to avoid such overlapping. 

    Import edited schedule after launching.

    If you have launched your event already, you can make the changes to the schedule CSV file following the steps above, considering the points below. ⬇️

    • Once a meeting slot has more than 4 accepted meetings, you cannot delete it.
    • Before deleting meetings, know that some of these might contain pending meetings by current participants, which will be eliminated automatically.
    • If you need to delete meetings, ensure to save the names and emails of the people who are losing their meetings after removing the slots. You can do this by downloading a 'Meeting export CSV' on the people tab.
    • After removing meeting slots, we suggest sending an email informing all participants about the event's networking availability changes.

    Last updated - June 2023. 

    Written by Nisansala Wijeratne. 


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