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Platform setup process

Getting your platform up and running is an easy and smooth process for you and your team.

Note: This article is relevant for Brella Enterprise customers only. 

Here's what you can expect:

Initial setup:

  • Your event platform is up and running so that you and your team can start exploring the Admin tool
  • Done by a Brella employee right after you get introduced to him/her

Platform configuration and content update:

  • You'll have your platform ready for attendees and will have your agenda, speakers and sponsors uploaded in the platform
  • Takes 3-4 business days
  • Done by a Brella employee before you launch the platform to your attendees

Final update:

  • Final content update on your sponsors, agenda, and speakers
  • Done by a Brella employee 1 business day before your event starts

If at any point you want to make ad-hoc agenda changes to your platform, you can do them through manager.brella.io.