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What do the pre-engagement metrics mean?

Pre-engagement metrics show how active your attendees were before the event and during the event.

The Overview tab shows different metrics about your event. One metrics section is dedicated to the information about your attendees' pre- and on-site engagement. This is visualized in the graph below.

Pre-engagement is defined as the interaction between attendees before an event. This is visualized in the Brella platform in the following visual.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 8.24.15 PM

Here, the diagram indicates pre-engagement before the event and engagement during the event as a percentage. Before the event, there can be 100% green, or 100% pre-engagement.

The results shown above appear this way when the event has started and attendees are joining the platform to set up their meetings.

This can be compared with several events that you use with Brella, and the trend should be that there is more pre-engagement than during the event engagement.

If you can see more and more pre-engagement taking place over several events, then it can mean that your attendees are increasingly aware that your event is the place to go to set-up relevant networking experiences.

This diagram also indicates if there is a need for more information to be sent out for the next event by the event organizers in order to get attendees involved before the event takes place.

Both indications are positive figures. It is up to the event managers to interpret the data.