Matchmaking checklist

Before going live with your matchmaking categories, here are a couple of things we encourage you to go through:

  1. Ask yourself, based on knowing your attendees better than anyone: Can every attendee find relevant interests from your categories? There is no such thing as a too-long list of interests. Be creative!
  2. Fine-tune your intents. Make sure your intents are relevant for the interest. E.g. If your category is "Investment stage" and the interest is "A-round", using Trading intent (Exploring to buy or explore/Offer or sell this) is not the most usable one. You probably want to use the intent "Investment" and/or "Networking" instead. 
  3. Always double-check your data for spelling errors and grammar.
  4. Make sure every category has interests. If you don't have any interest in your categories, we recommend creating a separate category titled "Interest", and then add main categories as interests there.
  5. Log into your event in the Brella Platform ( to see the changes by going to your profile and editing your interests. Put yourself in your attendee's shoes - Do the categories, interests, and intents make sense?