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Troubleshooting: Opening Inspector in Brella (Browser)

Learn how to screenshot your developer console to help you further with Brella console-related issues.

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If you're still experiencing issues after trying the basic troubleshooting steps, sharing your developer console details can help us identify the problem more effectively. 

How to get the developer console view

  1. Visit Brella (next.brella.io, sponsor.brella.io, manager.brella.io) and log in again using Chrome. (from a computer rather than a phone)
  2. Open up the developer console (right-click the screen --> click "inspect" --> click the "console" tab.
  3. Attempt to log in with your email.
  4. Assuming the error occurs right away, "Internal server error," we'd like to see a screenshot of any errors from the developer console (example screenshot below)
If the error still continue to be there, navigate to the Network tab and click any red lines indicating errors --> share a screenshot of the Headers and Preview sections (example screenshot below).

Last updated in May 2024

Written by Yusra Mohideen

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