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Ticketing & Stripe: Analytics

Learn how you can analyze the ticket sales done through Brella via Stripe.

There are basically 2 levels of reporting on ticketing:
  • everything Stripe related that actually had money being transferred - that can be found and analyzed on the Stripe dashboard (see more about what you can see there here);
  • Brella Admin Panel transaction report to have every ticket purchased in there, which would include all, paid tickets + free/discounted tickets (you can get it by going to the Brella Admin Panel -> Ticketing -> Settings).
Below are the main differences between Stripe and Brella Admin Panel transaction report:
  1. The main difference is that Stripe dashboard is the go-to source on all the purchases that included the actual money transfer - they have various dashboards, reports and more. Stripe however doesn't include the totally free tickets that didn't require the attendee to make any money transfers. Brella Admin Panel transaction report includes all purchased tickets.
  2. At the moment, Brella Admin Panel transaction report doesn't show for the Brella and Stripe application fees, it also doesn't depict the tax fees that your registrants paid. So if you see the discrepancy between the total balance received from ticket sales on the Brella Admin Panel file report and the Stripe dashboard, don't worry, it's because of that. If you want to calculate exactly how much money you're making, refer to Stripe dashboard. More detailed explanation below.
    1. Each ticket purchased shown on the Brella Admin Panel transaction report includes both Brella and Stripe fees. So if you want to know how much money you received exactly, you can subtract the Stripe and application fees from total price on the report. 
    2. If the tax the attendee paid is inclusive, then it will be shown as part of the total money received on both the Brella report and the Stripe dashboard. If the tax the attendee paid was exclusive, then these fees will not be shown on the Brella report, but will be included in the total balance on the Stripe dashboard. 

At the moment, the best way to learn about your exact balance is to go to your Stripe dashboard.

On the Brella transaction report you will see all the tickets purchased, but the prices there won't show for the Brella & Stripe application fees or the tax fees paid

We're working hard to get better ticketing analytics for the Admin Panel and to also show the Brella, Stripe and tax fees better on the ticketing report as well as the Admin Panel, so stay tuned!


Last updated - July 2023

Written by Natasha Santiago


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