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Start with Zapier: Set up API and Event IDs

Learn how to link your Brella event to Zapier successfully with the API Key, Organization ID and the Event ID.

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To make two apps communicate to each other, the correct connections have to be setup. For Zapier to link with the Brella app, you require an API Key and IDs relevant to your event in Brella. Let us see how to get access to these information

How to link your Brella account to Zapier

Receiving your API key

Please request a unique API key from your Brella Customer Success Manager.

Note: The API key is tied to your user account on Brella. This means that it can access any events in any organization where you are an Organization Admin. Please treat your API key like a password, and only share it securely with team-members who absolutely need it.

Access your Organization ID and Event ID within the Brella application

To learn how to access your Brella organization and event IDs, please click here 

Once you have successfully made the connections, you are now ready to create integrations between Brella and your apps.  

Last updated - Nov 2022.

Written by Natasha Santiago 


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