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Sponsor Execution: Manage Booth Chat

Learn how to manage virtual booth's open chat on web (next.brella.io) and mobile apps.

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As a representative, you have full control of the chat in your booth. You can send messages, images, emojis and delete them if needed.

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Enable and disable booth chat

Sponsors can now enable and disable the booth chat feature directly from the sponsor panel. 

Once you access the sponsor profile you will see this option under Side bar Intergrations.

Where to find booth chat (steps)

  • Go to next.brella.io or Brella mobile app
  • Navigate to 'Sponsors' tab (it can be named differently based on event organizer's entry)
  • Find and click on your booth
  • Great! Now on the right side you will find your booth's chat! 

How to manage (steps) 

  • Delete messages - you can delete all messages that you do not want to keep in your booth
    • Click on the three dots under the message (...), and click delete.
    • Then, a pop-up message will show and you need to click:
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  • Tag people - you can tag all visitors and address their requests by entering '@' and then name of that visitor:        
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  • Visitors profiles - you can check and suggest meetings to visitors who left a message in your booth chat
    • Navigate to visitor's profile and click on their profile
    • Check available time and suggest a meeting 
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  • Send images & gifs - you can send images and gif links that will then expand for a preview:

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 âš¡ï¸ Note: You will not receive any notifications when the message is being sent in your booth chat. Please check your booth chat on frequent basis. This feature is coming soon! 

 âš¡ï¸ Note: Chat messages will not be available in the transcript form.

Last updated on July 2022. 

Written by Aynur Atayeva. 

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