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Sponsor Panel: Embed Compatibility Check

Learn how to check if your link has embed option available and is compatible with Brella platform.

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To be covered:

Test Your Webpage

  1. Go to sponsor.brella.io
  2. Navigate to carousel deck and/or side bar integrations
  3. Click on '+' icon
  4. Select web page as a type, and enter the link
  5. Save
  6. Check from the preview 
    1. Carousel deck - preview on the top right corner
    2. Side bar integrations - preview tab next to '+' icon
  7. If you can see the page, amazing! Then you can continue with adding next items to your booth! 

If you see a grey icon/page with an error, such as "refused to connect" or "unable to connect," then it's likely that the website administrator has enabled a security measure to avoid embedding


If the item is non-embeddable, you have a couple of options to display them at booth: 

    1. Iframely - use this online tool that allows you to convert simple link into embed link 
    2. Description - use description placeholder within virtual booth to add your links  
    3. Other - add other materials that can easily be embedded to your booth 

Last updated on July 2022. 

Written by Aynur Atayeva. 

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