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Planning your integrations: Brella Terms

Learn the Brella terminologies to plan your integrations

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We understand how important it is to automate tasks through integrations to make your event flow without any hiccups. Here we will cover the Brella terminology to better understand the integrations supported with the Brella application.

Brella Terminology

1. Invites - This is all the people who have been invited to the event / brought tickets. This will consist of people who have already joined the event platform and also individuals who have not yet accepted their invitation to engage in the event over the Brella application. This list can be found under the Peoples menu - Invites segment

[we can get, search, create, update and delete invites]

2. Attendees - This list consists of only the individuals who have accepted the invite and joined the Brella application successfully to engage in the event through the application. This doesn't include everyone who has been sent invitations for the event. 

[we can get and search for attendees]

3. Speakers - These are the individuals who are moderators, speakers, and will host your content sessions during the event. They can be captured directly to Brella's speakers list. You will only need to allocate them to the specific content sessions through the app. 

[we can get, search, create, update and delete speakers]

4. Sponsors - All sponsor details can also be captured and stored within the Brella application to easily assign to the relevant sponsor booths and provided admin access. 

[we can get, search, create, update and delete speakers]

5. Schedule - This is the schedule that you have already planned out for the event dates - if this is already maintained and updated in a separate location, it can be integrated to sync and update within Brella without having to add and update the schedule in Brella. 

[we can get, search, create, update and delete session slot data]

6. Tickets - For events that use the Brella ticketing feature, we can provide the option to push all data captured during the ticket purchase process to your CSM or other event platforms as required. 

[we can get and search for ticket purchases]

For more information on other Brella terminologies used within the app, feel free to reach out to us.

Last updated - Dec 2022.

Written by Natasha Santiago 


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