Web App: Attendee Profile Sorting

Learn how to sort the attendee profiles in the event on the Brella web app

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You are able to sort the attendees who are available in the event's 'People' tab depending on your preference. This option to sort attendees combined with our filters will give you the perfect combinations to identify the exact individuals whom you should network with.

Sorting options available

The 'Sort' button is available in the top right-hand corner of the people/networking tab of your event. You can select the sorting option of your choice and click on 'Apply sorting' to view the sorted attendees.

There are four sorting options made available to you in the people tab when clicked on the 'Sort' button. They are,

Smart sorting 

This option sorts the attendees based on the matchmaking interests and intents they have set against the matchmaking interests and intents you have set. This is also the default sorting option selected for the tabs titled 'Your matches' and 'Bookmarks'. The order in which the sorting will happen is as follows:

  • Shared interests with opposite intents
  • Networking
  • Shared interests with the same intent
  • How recently the attendee was active on the platform
  • Matchmaking points (a score we already had based on meeting activity etc)

Newest joined first

This option sorts the attendees based on when they joined the event. The newly joined attendees will be shown in the top row if this option is selected. This is also the default sorting option for the tab 'All attendees'.

First joined first

This is the opposite of the newest joined first sorting option. If you select this, you will see from the first attendee who joined the event (oldest) to the latest.

Alphabetical (A-Z)

This is a straightforward sorting where you will see all the attendees who have joined the event in alphabetical order by their last name regardless of when they joined.

❗You can select only one sorting option at any given time. Multiple sorting is not supported. 


Last updated - June 2024. 

Written by Nisansala Wijeratne. 


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