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Mobile App: Push Notifications Setup

Learn how to enable and receive push notifications.

To be covered:

Enable notifications

  1. Upon downloading and opening the app for the first time you will be asked if you want to enable push notifications.
  2. If something happened and you want to unsubscribe or to (re-)subscribe to the app push notifications, you can either:
    1. Go to your app account settings and then to notifications settings there;
    2. Or set/reset notifications (permissions) in your device settings.

Receive notifications 

The following push notifications are being sent by the app:

  • a new meeting request;
  • a new chat request;
  • a new chat message;
  • meeting request cancelled;
  • meeting request rescheduled;
  • meeting request declined;
  • you have pending incoming meeting requests;
  • a new announcement came;
  • 5 minutes before your bookmarked sessions are about to begin;
  • networking configuration in the event was changed. 

We don't send push notifications when:

  • We discard push notifications only when you are in the 1-to-1 chat with someone; 
  • We disable push-notifications automatically for specific devices if the app hasn't been used for more than 13 months.

    Last updated on July 2023 

    Written by Rajinda Wijetunge

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