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Mobile App: Navigate Speakers

Learn how to find information on the event speakers

Each event on our platform is unique, so we encourage you to explore the platform before the event and get to know all the event's pages.


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Where can I find the speakers?

You can find the speaker's info in full in the speaker's tab in the event. You can find the full list of speakers from the podium icon on the left-side navigation.

You can find speaker information in two places

  • Speakers tab 

  • Schedule tab 

The below video shows you an example from one event on how to navigate the platform and find the important information on the speakers.


📱View on the Mobile app


You can also navigate to speakers using the global search 

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Great job! Now you can successfully navigate through speakers on Brella.


Last updated in May 2023. 

Written by Yusra Mohideen.

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